Adopt Me! Polka Dot {Wisconsin Rabbit Photography} *ADOPTED!*

Looking for a sweet bunny that would be great for a first-time bunny owner? Maybe you’d like to add a little hop to your life?! Polka Dot is your guy!!


Polka Dot is a Standard Rex rabbit currently at the Sheboygan County Humane Society. He is AWESOME!! Seriously if I could I’d scoop him up. He’s a bigger buy, probably about 6-7lbs, but please don’t let that turn you away. He’s super sweet and chill, loves being pet, and will give kisses sometimes! He didn’t even flinch when I took him to Petsmart for a mobile adoption. Took no notice to the cats, dogs, and tons of people talking around. Many people of all ages gave him a pet and he just flopped out and enjoyed the attention.

Although he seemed pretty laid back, he was very curious and ready to check things out. After I setup his pen at Petsmart I put his carrier in the pen and opened it up. It’s easier for the bunnies to adventure out rather than me trying to grab them. I didn’t have my back turned for 2 minutes and I turn back around and that little stinker was sitting on top of his carrier! haha! No fear and ready to go

If you are interested in him, please call or visit the SCHS!

The photo reads:
“Hey there, I’m Polka Dot! I’m a 6-7lbs Standard Rex rabbit. That means I have super soft fur! I’m very sweet and laid back. Sometimes when you pet me I’ll even give you kisses!

A few weeks ago I went to Petsmart for a mobile adoption. There were a lot of cats, dogs, and tons of people walking around. Many people of all ages wanted to pet me there! I didn’t mind any of it and I really enjoyed the attention!

I do love to explore! When I got in my pen at Petsmart, the nice lady set my carrier in the pen and opened it up. I hopped out and I couldn’t see well through the pen, so I hopped up on top of the carrier! Much better! Boxes of my own would be a lot of fun to play in I think!

I’d love to find my forever home so I can adventure, play, and be loved all day! ”

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