Adopt Me Spotlight – Zarah {Wisconsin Dog Photography} *ADOPTED*

Are you looking for someone who will always be by your side? Loves to go on adventures and walks with you? Will cuddle up next to you after a long day while you get to watch your favorite TV series? Or how about give you kisses whenever you are feeling down?

Well then, you need Zarah, a 1 year old American Pit Bull Terrier mix currently at the Sheboygan County Humane Society!


Ten solid reasons why you need Zarah…

  1. Zarah will always be by your side… and quite possibly your lap.
  2. Word around kennel is, Zarah’s a certified Professional Snuggler.
  3. Not only does Zarah love to go for walks and loves adventures, she will go where ever YOU wanna go (no compromising necessary) as long as she’s with you.
  4. Zarah is very eager to please. Although she is still working on some basic obedience and leash manners, she is willing to learn and just needs someone to show her the ropes!
  5. If Zarah went to college she may have majored in Adorableness and minored in Kisses.
  6. She has adorably sweet and curious eyes that make even your roughest day not so bad.
  7. She is good with other dogs and kids 2 years and older!
  8. That head tilt… need I say more?! (scroll down to see)
  9. Although it’s said her favorite color is pink, her pearly black coat can sport a variety of different colored collars and bandanas!
  10. Zarah has been at the Sheboygan County Humane Society since November 2015!


Why I choose Zarah for a spotlight session

Zarah has been to a couple mobile adoption events in hopes to find her new home, but still she remains at the shelter. Many people say she’s adorable and love her, but she keeps getting passed up.

When I volunteered at a mobile adoption in January and she was there. I walked right up to her, kneeled down to pet her, and she snuggled up to me and gave me light kisses. I was in love. Unfortunately I’m not able to adopt right now because oh my, I would love to scoop her up!!

I choose her because it’s so easy for people to look into a poorly lit kennel, see a big black barking blob and keep walking.

Zarah deserves better.

There is actually a term for this called “Black Dog Syndrome.” Black dogs are “less desirable” than light-colored dogs. It’s the combination of poorly seen facial features, negative stereotypes of black animals, poorly lit kennels, etc, that give black pets a bad name. states that most pets are listed for 12.5 weeks on Petfinder, where as black, senior, and special needs pets spend almost FOUR TIMES that long (read more here).


How Zarah’s Session went

Zarah did AMAZING! Seriously she was a rockstar. She was very well-behaved the entire time. We went out to a trail and woodsy area but also downtown; the buzz of cars and hum of people didn’t bother her. She gave me that perfect curious face for all her photos! She sat so nicely and listened so well! She snoozed in the car on the way back to the shelter.

Please note- she was ON LEASH the entire time. The leash was edited out in post-production.


What others are saying about Zarah

“Zarah is a young spunky sweetheart of a dog. She loves to be active – play time, running and taking long walks. She gets a bit over excited at the shelter but is getting better with controlling her energy! She is also a phenomenal Cuddler and LOVES to give as many kisses as you will let her. Oh, and her favorite color is pink.” -Theresa Rios Kuehn, SCHS Volunteer Dog Walker

“Zarah is a sweetheart who will lick your face off with all of her kisses. She loves to have fun, but also loves to snuggle.” Amanda Smith, SCHS Volunteer Dog Walker
















Adopting Zarah

To find out more about adopting please contact the Sheboygan County Humane Society by calling (920) 458-2012 or visiting the shelter!

Learn about hours and location at Find Zarah on Adopt a Pet.

If you can’t adopt her, please share this post!

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