Breanna’s Furry Crew


Gimli is a rescue Holland lop and quiet possibly my heart bunny. Something about him just warms my heart and brings a smile to my face. I brought him home as a foster in October in 2016 when he was a mere 2 weeks old. I fell in love with his personality as it blossomed. I believe he may have been a professional runway model in his past life with how awesome he is in front of the camera!

Lynzi & Louie

These two are my other bunnies. Lynzi, Louie and Gimli all live together as a trio and are the cutest little group. Lynzi thinks she’s fabulous and enjoys pushing the boys around. She is 75% diva, 20% spunk and 5% sweet. Louie is laid back and goes with the flow. The simple things in life make him happy and easily gets excited over new animals that come to say hi. Louie and Gimli are buddies, always making sure they keep miss Lynzi Divine happy.


Colby is my little shadow. I wish I could say she’s mine, but she’s not! She belongs to my sister but I steal her from time to time. She loves everyone and everything. She loves learning and very witty and smart, picking up on things very easily. If you sit on the ground and call her, she comes barreling at you full force and then crashes into your lap.

Bosley {March 1st, 2001 – May 11, 2015}

Saying goodbye to my little scruffnut of nearly 14 years was one of the hardest things I’ve ever gone through. Bosley was the biggest inspiration of my photography and art. If it wasn’t for him putting up with my camera in his face time and time again, I have no idea where I’d be at right now. It hurts so much that he is gone but I know he is at the rainbow bridge, happy and pain free, with his best friend Murphy.

I had Bosley since I was a young teen. Although he’d slowed down in his age, he still could muster up the energy to tail-tuck it around the house and play with his favorite plush toys! He’s a pretty smart boy (but maybe I’m bias) and knows his fair share of commands. He loved his dog bed, but has been known to sneak into my bed to snuggle on those cold winter nights. Bosley’s face pops up everywhere around the site and Facebook page. Do not be confused if you see him sporting various looks, from a fuzzy-bear to a shaved haircut and everything in between!

Murphy {July 30th, 2002 – March 6th, 2015}

Murphy was one of my biggest influences of my photography. I took endless numbers of photos of her through trail and error to better myself and my work. One of my favorite photos I ever took of her a few year back remains to be one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. You’ve probably seen it around and I recently used it for my business cards and other marketing materials. Her bright eyes with that curious look, peeking around the corner of the tree, are too hard to resist.

Murphy was not technically mine, but my sister’s dog. To Murphy, I was “aunt Breanna.” She was a great dog. Sometimes a little punk, but overall amazing. She loved being the center of attention and loved begging for anything tasty you might be cooking. Walks at the dog park and being outside were some of her favorite activities. She never passed up a good butt scratch and although she was a Labrador retriever, she rather have you chase her with the stick rather than bring it to you (see, kind of a punk!).