Before and After Leash removalWhere are you located? Do you travel?

Sheboygan, WI. And yes, I travel! Contact me for destination photo sessions.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Sure do! Inquiry about purchasing.

My dog can’t be off leash, will you still photograph him?

Of course! Many of my pet clients remain on leash during their session. A little post-production work and I can make that leash disappear!

My dog does not sit still for the camera… is camera shy.. is agressives towards strangers… is unrulely and generally doesn’t listen… will you still photograph them?

I am willing to work with any dog or cat! It may take a bit more time and patience to get the shots, but I am confident that I will capture your dog and give you photos you will adore for years to come.

Do you do payment plans?

At this time, I do not do payment plans.

Do you include a CD of digtal images with my session?

Digital images are like the negatives to a film photographer. I want to ensure you get the best possible quality artwork from your session. Therefore, I do not offer a CD of digital images, unless you meet a minium purchase requirement. More information on product rates is provided apon booking.

Why can’t I just print my photos myself?

When you book a session with me, you are booking a session for my artwork; my experience, knowlegdge, and talent. I do not just take some photos, slap themon a CD and send you on your merry way. My goal is to ensure every bit of your session, from start to finish, contains professional results. All my prints and artwork are printed through professional printing labs, which only photographers are able to print through. I work with my lab to ensure all photos are calibrated correctly and are not carelessly handled and processed. My goal is to give you only the most high-quality products that you will cherish for a lifetime.