Kimbo, the Fun Little Sausage {Adopt Me Spotlight Session}


“Kimbo’s my name, having fun is my game! I am active and love adventures. Hike in the woods? Walk through the park?! Count me in! I’m a sucker for toys, especially squeaky ones and balls. My perfect home would have kids over 14 years old and cat-free. I generally enjoy other dogs and would not mind living with a canine companion.”

Meet Kimbo

Kimbo is a 3 year old, American Pit Bull Terrier mix with a shiny black coat and sweet russet eyes (more photos below). He is currently sitting at the Sheboygan County Humane Society looking for a new home! This is actually his second time at the shelter, being there in late 2014. He was brought back due to being too active for his owners.

For some time now I have been wanting to take specific dogs out of the shelter and do a special photo session to help highlight them and give them a better chance at adoption. Plus, that one-on-one gives me more insight of the dog understand them personally. But I needed a partner; someone who is willing to help and have the patience that I have. Well, Bryan (fellow animal lover, SCHS volunteer and boyfriend) said he was all for it! On Saturday, March 21 we thought we’d take out Kimbo for a hour to get some photos. Three hours later, we finally made our way back.

Why I Choose Kimbo

There are three main reasons I decided to choose Kimbo for a Adopt Me Spotlight Session.

  1. He’s a black dog. Black dogs are often victims of “Black Dog Syndrome” and generally do not get adopted as fast as lighter colored dogs.
  2. He’s a bully breed. Misconceptions of these dogs has lead to them having a hard time being adopted. But Kimbo is lovable and very eager to please, just like any good dog.
  3. He was brought back to the shelter. Although he was brought back due to being an active dog, it’s not uncommon “returned” is an instant red flag and turn-off to most people (without hearing his story). But don’t let it be. Not every dog is the right dog for a family. He might have not been a perfect fit with his previous owners but maybe he’s the perfect fit for you!

The Outing

When we first went to get him from his kennel he was all over the place. He kept wanting to grab the Head Halti and play with it. He was bouncing around all over. I was a little worried about how this afternoon was going to go, however, he washed my worries away as soon as we got out of the shelter.

We ended up spending the entire afternoon with Kimbo. We went to downtown Sheboygan Falls, Petsmart, and Kohler Andre State Park. He was GREAT! He was a champ riding in the car and by the end he was snoozing in the backseat. Although walking on his collar wasn’t easy when he decided to pull, he did amazingly well on the Head Halti and I’d highly recommend it for walking him. Walking past new people and dogs, he did great. He took notice, maybe got a tad excited, but he was redirected without a fuss. He easily calmed down.

Overall, he was awesome on his outing.  We were both blown away with how great he was for his walks, car ride, and photo shoot! He could be on the cover of a magazine with those modeling skills!

If you’d like to learn more about adopting Kimbo, visit or call the Sheboygan County Humane Society. Can’t adopt but want to help? Share this post!

Please note: When we took his photos, the Halti came off and he remained on a collar and leash the entire time for his safety. Any photos without the leash were edited out post-production in Photoshop.

What the Staff says…

“Kimbo is always happy to see you. He listens so well especially for how excited he gets. He is going to make a fantastic dog for an active loving home!” -Amanda Miller, Lead Dog Trainer

“He is a fun little sausage who just wants a rub and be pet.” -Sydney Wierman, SCHS Staff Member


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