Penelope [Adopt Me]


Penelope is a spunky, curious and treat-demanding bunny! Her hobbies include begging for treats, exploring everywhere and redecorating her pen. She loves brown paper bags and boxes! She is great at her litter box and loves having her extra “hay box” of just hay to sleep and play in. 


Penelope is currently in foster, where she has been learning how to trust people and how comforting it can be to experience petting and touch. She does grunt and box/lash out at you at times and is working her confidence! She will flourish in a home that understands that and has some prior bunny experience.


Since moving into foster, she’s blossomed in so many ways! Every night before feeding, she gets a gentle pet. She’s started to realize human touch is actually pretty nice! And melts down to the floor for you to pet her.


Her personality has burst and she’s full of spunk. When it’s playtime, she will eagerly investigate, exploring the room and checking everything out. She has potential as a free-roam bunny and she’d love a place of her own where she could have lots of places to explore!


Penelope would benefit from another bunny companion to help her grow even more. Preferably a submissive, neutered male bunny would be more ideal. Having another bunny can help her become calmer and more relaxed!


Penelope is about 8lbs. Already spayed! We are guessing about 2 years of age.


Penelope would do best with older children over 8 years old unless they are familiar with rabbits and/or you are an experienced bunny owner. She gets startled easily. As long as the children are okay with watching Penelope from a distance as she explores and be’s her spunky-self, she would do well!

If you are interested in learning more about Penelope or adopting her please contact me at

Penelope was formerly known as Buns.

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