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Claim a spot for 2018! I am currently booked for Signature Sessions for 2017. However, you can lock in your spot for 2018 by inquiring below. I am still open for Sugar Sprinkle Sessions.

Your experience is about capturing the happiness of your pet and turning it into vibrant artwork.

My joy and zest for life trickles right down into my work. My photography is fun, playful and colorful. I am patient, and I take into consideration your pet’s needs and personality for your session. My goal is to get those perfect photographs of your pet, yes, but my other goal is to become one of your pet’s best friends in the process.

I believe that printing photographs and having them on display in captivating ways brings happiness to every day.

I’m not just taking snapshots of your pet, I’m creating works of art featuring your pet. That is why I specialize in quality artwork; large wall art such as canvases and metal prints, personalized albums, and modern desk artwork such as acrylic blocks and metal desk prints. I offer unique and fun artwork for you and your pet. Each client will walk away with something that makes them smile for a lifetime.

Each session includes my creative talent, expertise, and endless passion for your pet.

And this is not only during the shoot, but before and after in the form of processing, retouching and creative prepping and finishing of each photo, canvas, album, and more.

Your creative fee includes…

  • Up to a 2-hour Signature Session. I shoot until I’m certain I have a nice variety of images that showcase your pet.
  • Up to 3 pets from the same household.
  • Up to 2 locations within 30 miles of 53081.
  • Monday through Thursday booking,
  • Premiere & Sales appointment to view your proofs and receive guidance from me to place your order.
  • all for only $195

PLEASE NOTE: Session fee does not include any digital images or artwork. Artwork and digital images must be purchased separately. The session fee must be paid in full to book your session date and time. Additional charge for locations further than 30 miles of 53081. Additional surcharge for weekend bookings. Additional charge for more than 3 pets from the same household. Taxes not included.

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“I have a senior and/or terminally ill pet and I’m worried we won’t get a Signature Session booked in time.”

For the longest time I have had this soft spot in my heart for old dogs, particularly the big dogs with the white dusted faces. The Sugar Sprinkle Session is sweet session for your beloved joy in your life, exclusively for senior or terminally ill pets to celebrate their life and happiness they brought to yours. Please inquiry as soon as possible so I can accommodate as soon as I can.

“But my pet won’t sit still for me and/or is camera shy and/or *insert reason here*.”

If I wanted to photograph models who always listened to me I’d be photographing professionals in L.A.! But that’s not my passion! My life is full of zest and fun, and our pets fit exactly that. I have abundance of patience when working with pets because well, that’s just given when working with animals that don’t speak the same as we do. This is completely OKAY! I have worked with animals with all sorts of backgrounds. I tailor my sessions to your pets and shoot until I’m certain I got at least a handful of shots to cherish. If you are still unsure, please inquiry and I’d be happy to discuss your pet’s needs.

How your session works, and what to expect.

Your experience at Breanna Rae Photography & Design is about capturing the personality and happiness of your pet and turning it into vibrant artwork worth smiling about.

  • Your Consultation
    I will give you a call after your initial inquiry to explain my process, discuss options for how you can display your images via my artwork I offer, and answer any questions you may have. Once we book a day for your session, you will just need to fill out the photography contract and pay the booking fee to hold your spot.
  • Your Session Day
    We will begin by letting your pet warm up to me and the surroundings. Have fun and relax! Your pet will naturally take better photos. If your pet isn’t perfectly behaved, don’t sweat it. I am all about capturing your pet being themselves, so being comfortable (and maybe a bit unwilling) can bring out their personality! I shoot a variety of photos to really capture their personality in all aspects.
  • Premiere & Sales Appointment
    Once the proofs from your session are ready to view, we will meet for your Premiere & Sales appointment. We will start your appointment with a slideshow to reveal the images from your session. Afterward I will guide through as you choose your favorites. At this time you will choose which artwork to purchase of your pet. Your order total is due that day.
  • Delivery
    Each ordered photo is retouched to remove any leashes, eye gunkies, etc. before being placed with my professional print labs. When your order arrives, all artwork is closely inspected and carefully packaged. You will then be contacted to arrange delivery, and I will personally deliver your artwork to you.
  • Unwrapping
    Your custom artwork is a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime! Unwrapping your memories and seeing your pet printed on a large canvas or in the pages of an album is guaranteed to make you smile for years to come.


10% savings for rescues

Rescued your pet? Submit proof of adoption and receive 10% savings on your Signature Session creative fee* as a thank you to helping pets in need! *for first time clients only

15% savings for loyal clients

Had a signature session before with me? Enjoy 15% savings your session fee!

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